• George W. Aimar, Jr.| 1937 - 2009"Boobie 3"
  • Earl R. Dupriest, Jr. | 1918 - 2012"Earl's Girl"
  • Frederick R. Glaesner | 1933 - 2003"Wahoo"
  • Robert C. Johnson, Jr.| 1961 - 2009"Sea Fix"
  • Dr. Dale R. Lackey | 1935 - 1996"Panacea"
  • Clinton Roy Leasure | 1938 - 2013"Leasure Time"
  • Corky Lee | 1937 - 2013
  • J.B. Miller | 1937 - 2012"The Last One"
  • Arthur Ross Swygert, Jr. | 1926 - 2004"Second Love"
  • Tony Smoak | 1964 - 2008"Fish Wrapper"
  • Dr. William H. Snyder, Jr.| 1939 - 2002"Sea Dancer"
  • George West | 1934 - 2011"Sara Lyn"
  • Damien J. Zanetti | 1950 - 2012
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"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;
These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep."
Psalm 107
Learn more about the South Carolina Memorial Reef
Latest News

Please check our Latest News section for breaking news on the the construction progress and materials acquired to date. We have quite a bit of activity now as we shift from the fundraising aspect of this 4 year effort to the construction and planning phases. We are refining our budget projections for the remainder of the funds we will need to complete the project by Summer 2013!

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The Inspiration

From the loss of one of our own, an idea is born to forever memorialize those who share a love for the ocean and the great sportsfishing resource of South Carolina. The South Carolina Memorial Reef will be a part of the Charleston Deep Reef Project to create a special place of honor and reflection for the sportsfishing community that share, protect and respect our outstanding offshore resource.

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The Reef

The artificial reef site called the “Charleston Deep Reef” is a 4 by 6 mile area located approximately 52 nautical miles southeast of Charleston Harbor. Water depths range from about 300 to 450 feet. The area was selected with the assistance of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council after reviewing their database of known live-bottom areas off South Carolina.

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