Artificial Reef-deep blue

Preliminary Drawings Of The SC Memorial Reef

What will the Reef look like? What type of materials will be placed and how?

Bob Horner, Maritime Engineer, has volunteered his time and expertise to design what will ultimately become the South Carolina Memorial Reef.

These preliminary schematics were created based on the initial meeting late last year with Stevens Towing after they generously donated two 260′ barges and a 100′ tall crane as the foundation for the reef. During this meeting, different materials were discussed and it was recommended that the component materials should be heavy steel that is easy to weld and secure and can be configured to provide varying degrees of vertical relief from the bottom.

As a result, the Reef has been successful in securing a large quantity of 20′ and 40′ container chassis that will be incorporated into the final design.

Bob will work closely with Stevens Towing, the SCMR Reef Committee and Bob Martore from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to design a structure that will maximize the vertical profile needed in 350′ of water, the best placement of the materials for transportation and ultimate sinking of the components.

We hope to soon have a more detailed design based on the current materials on hand, but the drawings provide an interesting view of what was once only a dream but is now becoming a reality.

There is plenty of work to be done to meet our goal of a Summer 2013 placement of the Reef, both financially and in additional materials for the structure.

Your support of the Reef will benefit generations of South Carolina offshore enthusiasts!


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