SCDNR Endorsement Boosts Reef Progress

In a recent letter from Bob Martore, Artificial Reef Coordinator-Office Of Fisheries Management for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Mr. Martore expressed his thanks for the efforts of the SC Memorial Reef organization and the hard work and effort demonstrated over the past 5 years to complete what will be the “first intentionally created artificial reef Marine Protected Area (MPA) on the east coast”.

Mr. Martore is a respected adviser to the Reef design team and his years of expertise in the design and placement of artificial reefs off the coast of South Carolina will help to enhance the success and sustainability of the project.

We wish to thank Mr. Martore and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for their support of our effort in what has become a model example of the public/private sectors working together for the benefit of the State of South Carolina.





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