Another Great Week Of Support For The Reef!

The support is growing.

We had a great couple of days this week with INDIVIDUALS stepping up and making a difference. Some have been friends of the Reef in the past; others are new friends.

A huge thanks to the following individual donors:

Wallace E. Jenkins, Jr. $1,000

Mary & Frank Zahin $1,000

Kim & Mike Jackson $2,000

We are so close to making the Reef a reality but we still need your help.

The SC Memorial Reef is vitally important to creating and sustaining bottom habitat off the South Carolina coast. Without this effort, there may come a day when our favorite offshore spots could be closed to all types of fishing….trolling included! This is a scenario that is approaching quickly and lends a greater sense of urgency than ever before to have the SC Memorial Reef COMPLETED and placed no later than August of this year!

We kindly ask for your support.


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