SC Memorial Reef - PLAN

Barge 1 Plans – SC Memorial Reef

Construction is well underway on Barge 1 of the SC Memorial Reef.

We expect a transport date later this month, which is about a month behind our original schedule.

Barge 2 plans and construction will follow in October with a proposed transport date of late October.

A huge thanks to Stevens Towing, the South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources, and Bob Horner for their tireless work to get Barge 1 completed.

If all goes well, we can enjoy a late sailfish bite on the way out, some good swordfishing, a huge party the day of the sinking and a great ride home.

SC Memorial Reef - PLAN

SC Memorial Reef – PLAN

Chassis Choppin'! Chassis Choppin’!

Groupa Condo!
Groupa Condo!




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