South Carolina Memorial Reef Construction Update!

As of this week the first barge is nearly completed. The last piece to add will be the crane which has been moved to the dock for prepping. Based on the construction schedule, the crane will be ready to be placed on the SCMR Reef barge in the next 14 days. Once the crane is in place and secured, the first barge will be very near completion. Our marine engineer and reef designer Bob Horner is very close to the completion of the drawings for the second barge. Barge 2 has been moved to the staging deck for its preparation.  We still have material coming in so Bob is waiting for a final inventory before finalizing the plans for the 2nd barge.

As soon as we hae a schematic drawing of barge 2, we will post an update.

A huge thanks to Whitewood, Inc. (Randy, Josh & Hunter)  for their donation of abandoned mobile home chassis found on their property and John Smith Jr, Everette Bootle & Robbie Hooker for their efforts of retrieving them from the woods and hauling of them to Stevens towing. The chassis are a welcome addition to the development of the second barge.

We are very close to our launch date for the first barge! Once we confirm and have a weather window, we will update all of our supporters and the Charleston sportsfishing community.

SC Memorial Reef

Barge No. 1

IMG_9664 (5)

Crane Ready To Be Placed On Barge No. 1


Now Where Did I Leave Those Chassis?

Load chassis

What A Great Contribution!


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