SC Memorial Reef Update From NOAA Vessel Pisces

SCDNR Received an email from the NOAA ship Pisces.

They have located both barges and they sent side scan sonar images of each site.

Barge 1 is in the current MPA boundary in the northwest corner.

Barge 2 is about 4 miles south about 1.5 miles west of the boundary.

Both barges landed upright and the crane on Barge 1 is upright and the poles and cell tower that were attached to the deck of Barge 2 are also upright.

At Barge 1 there is a pile of containers just off the southwest corner.

At Barge 2 all the materials appear to be on or directly adjacent to the barge.

They have taken video with their ROVS but due to the file sizes we will receive later.

NOAA indicated that both barges were covered up with amberjack and other fish.

SCDNR is working with the NMFS to have the southern boundary of the MPA redrawn to incoporate Barge 2.

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