SC Memorial Reef Update – US Highway 41 Bridge Project

It is with great excitement that we share with you that the SC Governor’s Cup Board of Directors has approved moving forward with acquisition and placement of additional material within the Charleston Deep Reef MPA.  The project structure will include the US Highway 41 Steel Swing Bridge placed on top of a 130 X 32 X 12 foot barge.  The estimated cost to complete the project is $180,000, with a deployment date tentatively scheduled for August 2017.  As you may have heard, the two previous structures placed in the MPA in 2014 by the SC Memorial Reef Committee have been a great success attracting both imperiled deep-water snapper grouper species, as well as the pelagic fish that SC Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series participants target.  In fact, many blue marlin and sailfish were caught and released in the immediate area during the summer of 2016.  Adding structure to this MPA will only increase the beneficial effects.

This will be a joint project between the SC Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series and the SC Department of Natural Resources, both of whom have already made significant financial commitments to get the project started.  In addition, we are depending on conservation groups and you in the private sector to contribute whatever you can to bring this project to completion.  Beginning immediately, we are soliciting tax-deductible contributions to the SC Memorial Reef account within the Harry Hampton Wildlife Fund.   Please make checks payable to Harry Hampton Fund – The SC Memorial Reef,   C/O Amy Dukes, P.O. Box 12559, Charleston, SC  29422-2559.  With your help, we can build on our previous success with this unique project to further enhance deep water reef habitat off our coast.  Please be on the lookout for our updates on Facebook and other media outlets.  Be sure to enlist your friends in order to get this project on the bottom of the ocean! 

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