The Highway 41 Swing Bridge hit the bottom of the ocean on Friday October 27th, 2017

The SC Memorial Reef, the SC Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series, and the SC Department of Natural Resources are thrilled that this new addition of habitat will now be available to snapper and grouper species, and of course, we are ecstatic about what this structure will do for attracting billfish species to the area.  Thank you to Stevens Towing for facilitating the bridge deployment, we are grateful for our continued working relationship and your passion to support conservation projects.

Private donations from so many individuals made this project a reality, we will never be able to thank you enough for your support, we are incredibly grateful!

Thank you to the Pisces IV, owned by Rich LaVecchia of The Charleston Angler, for taking staff to watch and be a part of the deployment. The High Yield, the SC DNR RV/Palmetto, SC DNR Law Enforcement, and the Salt Therapy joined us at the South Carolina Memorial Reef to see the rare event. As we watched Stevens Towing’s Sea Crescent skillfully maneuver the bridge to the correct site, we heard shouts from the High Yield. In what can only be described as a perfect moment, the High Yield hooked up to a lively sailfish and quickly released it to again return beneath the glassy surface of the ocean. Katrina, wife to Captain Paul Rogers, one of the many beloved fishermen memorialized at the reef, was aboard the High Yield and watched the incredible scene unfold. We looked on with excitement, amazement, and utter appreciation.

As the Highway 41 bridge finally disappeared into a cloud of frothy spray, cheers and horns from each of the vessels rang out across the water. Together, surrounded by nothing but cerulean sea, we celebrated the hard work that went into the acquisition, preparation, and deployment of the bridge.

And we of course send our love to the families of the captains and anglers forever memorialized at the site. They are with us every day. We see them in the chase and in every billfish. We see them in our youth and in our future. Cheers to them and their legacies!

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