Donate to the SC Memorial Reef


Thank you for honoring your ocean loving family or friend by contributing to the construction of a fish sanctuary.  The location of the SC Memorial Reef is within the Charleston Deep Reef, which is an ideal area for the aggregation of large spawning snapper and grouper species.   The type II Marine Protected Area was designed to produce fish by protecting juveniles and spawning adults of bottom species from fishing, while enhancing many pelagic species meandering just inshore of the Gulf Stream waters that may be fished while trolling.   This is partly due to the natural oceanographic condition in that area, however the continued deployment of high relief man-made reef structures will further enhance fish productive.  The cost associated in transporting reef materials offshore is very expensive; your donation will enable additional projects to occur.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and this living reef is a steadfast testimony of your loved ones life!


In cooperation with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) and the Hampton Wildlife Fund, your donation will go towards the continued development of the South Carolina Memorial Reef, which has become the largest significant contribution to the Charleston Deep Reef project.